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29 Apr 2016

Did you know that Tone Zone in Rhinelander has two NETA Certified Personal Trainers on staff? Come in and meet Sheri and Jodi and take a tour of our facility.



Personal Training

As a member of Tone Zone Fitness, you will have access to nationally certified personal trainers who are dedicated to providing each client with an individualized plan that addresses specific needs, goals and interests.

Through education, inspiration and motivation, our trainers will work with you one-on-one to provide you with an effective program that gives you the results you desire.

Personal Training services are available for a separate fee. 

Meet Our Rhinelander area Personal Trainers

Sheri Gaber

Sheri Gaber CPT, CAFS - 715-490-2334

Email: PT@sherigaberfitness.com

For years, motivating and inspiring people to feel well, feel good about themselves, and lead their best lives has been Sheri's priority. She loves sharing her knowledge of health, nutrition, and fitness with people looking for guidance. She has worked with many different ages, experience levels, and goals. She listens to her clients and starts at a level they are comfortable with.

She has achieved health and fitness goals she never thought possible and has learned she is capable of more than she ever imagined. After having 3 children she has lost as much at 75 pounds. With each child she gained weight and had to take it off again. She knows that it is a struggle and a journey and it doesn't happen overnight. This experience makes her even more passionate about helping others reach their goals; showing them that they, too, are capable of more than they think they are and, in turn, helping them feel good physically, mentally, and emotioally.

Sheri is a certified personal trainer through the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) and is certificed in Applied Functional Science (AFS). AFS allows her to approach each client as an individual with unique needs for daily function and have the ability to provide a truly individual exercise program to meet those needs.

As a certified personal trainer, Sheri would love to be your partner on your path to good health; inspiring you and motivating you along the way. Contact Sheri today to start your own personal journey!



1 Session - $35 (Minimum of 2 suggested. Can be purchased individually.)

5 Sessions - $150 ($30 each)

*Payment for multiple session packages must be received in advance



 Jodi's Fitness

Jodi A Johnson NETA Certified Personal Trainer, 715-401-1158

Email: jodisfitness@yahoo.com

website: Jodisfitness.com

Having struggled with weight most of her life, Jodi found herself at a crossroads in 2014. She weighed 280+ pounds and was searching to improve herself, and did not know how or what to do. She made the decision to hire a Personal Trainer and, with his help, she lost 80+ pounds and learned to lead a healthier lifestyle. During her journey, Jodi discovered that she has a passion for helping people and for fitness, and she found herself wanting to turn that passion into a career.
In March of 2015, Jodi became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA). Due to her personal experiences, she finds that she relates to people of all walks of life, all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels.  Jodi is excited to be living in a world where a passion and a career can come together as one. "I am blessed to be having success in a career that, a short year ago, I would have only dreamed about" she says. Jodi has also found a passion for teaching group fitness classes and teaches several a week locally.
Jodi said she is not sure how many times she said “ I will start tomorrow “, “I don’t have the time to workout”, "When I lose weight I will start” and a myriad of other excuses for not working out. Please….do not wait until tomorrow or the next day, or for a reason not to make a change. 
Your tomorrow is here; let Jodi help you get started.

Pricing for one person:

1 Session - $35

5 Sessions - $150 ($30 each)

10 Sessions - $250 ($25 each)

*Payment for multiple session packages must be received in advance.


Multiple person session pricing is available, please contact Jodi for pricing.



Updated: May 07, 2014